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Get Help Understanding California State Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Regulations When Applying for Your Liquor License or Beer & Wine License. Without Expert Help From a California ABC Liquor License Consultant, Your Business Could End Up in Jeopardy.

Don't Let That Happen to You!

Obtaining a State of California Alcoholic Beverage Control (CA ABC) License can be confusing, complicated and if not processed or complied correctly it could subject you to expensive fines and penalties, including lawsuits. As a former Senior Investigator with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (CA Dept. of ABC), I have over 10 years background, training, and experience in all aspects of CA ABC liquor/beer & wine licensing and enforcement. I offer a highly professional, personalized service, and have the advantage of an intimate knowledge of the California ABC Department, having worked on the "inside" for over a decade. I know exactly what the CA Dept. of ABC expects when a business applies for a Liquor License or Beer & Wine License and how the CA ABC system operates, taking all of the guesswork out of the licensing process.

The following lists just some examples of what I can assist you with when applying for a California Liquor License or Beer & Wine License:

What is a letter of Public Convenience & Necessity (PCN)?

How should I file my application? As an individual, partnership, or corporation?

What is a Petition for a Conditional License?

What happens if my CA Liquor License or Beer & Wine License application gets protested?

Can my CA Liquor License application be denied for a crime of Moral Turpitude?

Without representation, the above questions can be overwhelming. Don't get hung up on these technical snags and delay your California ABC Liquor License or Beer & Wine License from being issued, and your business from being profitable. Let me guide you easily and efficiently through the application process. From the pre-application package, to the filing of your application, I will be able to assist you every step of the way. With my expert advice, you will be able to navigate through the state bureaucracy with ease. I will work with and for you to obtain your California Liquor License or Beer & Wine License as quickly as possible.

"My professional consulting services are a top choice for businesses needing help with getting a Liquor License in Santa Barbara / Liquor License in San Luis Obispo, or requiring a professional ABC Consultant in the San Luis Obispo / California Central Coast region."

-Laurie Baima, California ABC Consultant, Founder of Premiere Beverage Consulting

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