This page lists commonly asked questions of Premiere Beverage Consulting regarding California ABC Liquor License and CA ABC Beer & Wine License applications, processes and compliance to CA ABC regulations for business owners that sell alcoholic beverages on the premises:

Q. What are some of the services Premiere Beverage Consulting can offer me and my business during the CA ABC Liquor License and CA ABC Beer & Wine License application process?

A. The following lists just some of the professional services Premiere Beverage Consulting can offer you to ensure your California ABC Liquor License or CA ABC Beer & Wine License application is a smooth process for you:

  • Field survey and site review for location suitability.

  • Professionally, and accurately complete application forms.

  • Appear with the applicants at the time application is made.

  • Insure that the correct and appropriate notifications are made, i.e. newspaper publications, notifying effected residents, preparing PCN letters, etc.

  • CUP preparation, filing, and representation.

  • Consultation on how to avoid costly fines, penalties, and suspensions as a result of CA ABC violation.

Q. My business is located near residents. How will this effect my CA ABC Liquor License or Beer & Wine License application?

A. This will mainly depend on how close the residents are to your business. If the homeowner is within 100 feet or less, there is a possibility that your application will be denied by the CA Dept. of ABC. However, there are mitigating factors that can be established that can greatly improve your application’s approval. My expertise in this area will assist your business of attaining a higher success rate of license issuance.

Q. What is a Petition for Conditional License?

A. The CA Dept. of ABC will frequently place operating conditions, or restrictions, on a license. The owner/operator of the licensed premises is bound by these conditions, which may restrict hours of operation, limits entertainment that may be provided, etc., and these operating conditions are transferable to any new owner/operator.

Q. What if my CA ABC Liquor License or Beer & Wine License application gets protested?

A. A protested application simply means that somebody has filed an objection to the license application, based upon reasons specific to the applicant's premises. These objections usually include concerns about an increase in noise, traffic, litter, crime, and parking issues, although, there are many other issues that can be raised. My expertise in knowing how to respond to these objections will assist your business in attaining a higher success rate of a CA ABC license issuance.

Q. Will an ID scanner help my business?

A.Yes! We can't stress enough how essential it is to have an ID scanner to protect your business from mistakenly selling to minors. You can purchase quality ID scanners from

Q. What areas of California does Premiere Beverage Consulting operate in?

A. Premiere Beverage Consulting primarily serves businesses needing California ABC Liquor License (or Beer & Wine License) application/compliance consulting services in the greater areas of San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County, California Central Coast Region. However, Premiere Beverage Consulting has conducted CA ABC licensing consulting in other counties. Please still call or submit the contact form to inquire if Premiere Beverage Consulting is available to work in your county.

Q. Is it free to get a service proposal from Premiere Beverage Consulting?

A. Yes, it is 100% FREE to get a statement of services proposal from Premiere Beverage Consulting regarding your CA ABC Liquor License or Beer & Wine License application process and compliance procedures.